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Cooked Special Rolls (8pcs)

(Some rolls are not cooked all the way. Please asked to cook well done if prefer fully cooked.)



Cali Beach Roll $18.5

(Baked California roll w/ scallops, spicy mayo. & eel sauce.)


Cali Baby Lobsters Roll $19.5

(Baked California roll w/ Langostino baby lobsters, spicy mayo., & eel sauce.)


Dynamite Roll $17.5

(Salmon, shrimp, avocados, imitation crab, baked w/ dynamite sauce, spicy mayo & eel sauce)


Caterpillar Roll $17.5

(Eel, imitation crab, cucumbers, avocados on top, & eel sauce.)


House Roll $16.5

(Salmon, cream cheese, avocados, imitation crab, whole roll tempura deep fried, spicy mayo & eel sauce.)


Super House $19.5

(Salmon, cream cheese, avocados, imitation crab, whole roll tempura deep fried, topped w/ baked langostino lobsters, spicy mayo & eel sauce.)

Pizza Roll $16.5

(Salmon, cream cheese, avocados, imitation crab, baked w/ dynamite sauce, spicy mayo & eel sauce)


Dragon Roll $18.5

(Fried Shrimp, imitation crab, cucumbers, eel, avocados, & eel sauce.)


Double Crunch Roll $19.5

(Shrimp tempura, tempura softshell crab, avocados, imitation crab, spicy mayo & eels sauce.)


Ichiban Roll $19.5

(Shrimp tempura, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers, eel, baked langostino baby lobsters mix, eel sauce.)



Raw Special Rolls (8pcs)


Obi’s Roll $19.5

(Spicy tuna, avocados, cucumbers, tuna, escolar, baked Langostino baby lobsters, hot night sauce, & eel sauce.)


New Lion King’s Roll $19.5

(Fried calamari, cream cheese, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, torched Cajun salmon, spicy mayo, eel sauce, massago, lemon juice & green onions.)


Crouching Tiger Roll $18.5

(Shrimp tempura, imitation crab, cucumbers, Salmon, shrimp, avocados, spicy mayo, & eel sauce.)


Rainbow Roll $18.5

(Tuna, Salmon, escolar, albacore, yellowtail, imitation crab, avocados, & cucumbers.)


Crispy Tuna Roll $17.5

(Deep fried California maki with cream cheese, spicy tuna, Jalapeno slices, spicy mayo, & eel sauce.)


 Sumo Roll $19.5

(Albacore, Tuna, Octopus, Salmon, avocados, cucumbers, gobo, radish sprouts, wasabi mayo, & ikura.)


Hitch Hiker Roll $18.5

(Fried calamari, cream cheese, jalapeno, imitation crab, avocados, peppered albacore, Cajun tuna, avocados, wasabi mayo, & eel sauce.)


San Diego Roll $18.5

(Fried shrimp, spicy tuna, imitation crab, seared Cajun tuna, spicy mayo, avocados, cucumbers, eel sauce, & green onions.)


U The Man! Roll $18.5

(Spicy yellowtail, avo., cucumbers, ebi, imitation crab, tempura crunchy, spicy mayo, & eel sauce.)


Shark Attack Roll $18.5

(Spicy tuna, avocados, cucumbers, radish sprouts, escolar, salmon, ponzu, green onions & siracha)


Protein Roll (5pcs) $19.5

(NO RICE: Cucumber wrapped, tuna, salmon, albacore, escolar, avocados, gobo, imitation crab, radish sprouts, roe, ponzu sauce.)


Lemon Drop Roll $19.5

(Yellowtail, avocados, imitation crab, gobo, cucumbers, radish sprouts, salmon, thinly sliced lemon, tobiko, green onions, & spicy mayo)


Hot Mama Roll $19.5

(Spicy imitation crab, avocados, asparagus, salmon, spicy tuna, jalapeno, spicy mayo, torched, eel sauce,  & bonito shavings.)


Mucho Mango Roll $18.5

(Tuna, salmon, avo,, mango top, spices, & mango sauce.) (Mango seasonal)


Ex-Charger’s Roll $18.5

(Shrimp tempura, imitation crab, spicy tuna, avo, cucumbers, yellowtail, tobiko, spicy mayo & eel sauce)


Transformer Roll $19.5

(Eel, spicy tuna, avocados, jalapeno, imitation crab, tempura  soft-shell crab, spicy mayo, siracha, & tobiko.)


Monster Roll $18.5

(Tempura Salmon, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers, spicy tuna, tempura crunchy, massago, spicy mayo, & eel sauce.)


Fruit Ninja Roll $18.5

(Spicy imitation crab, cucumbers, avocados, salmon, tuna, mango, lemon zests, & mango sauce.)


Clover Roll $18.5

(Spicy yellowtail, shrimp tempura, avo., albacore, ponzu sauce, massago, & radish sprouts.)


Hawaiian Roll $18.5

(Tuna, spicy tuna, avo., cucumber, cilantro, green onion, siracha.)

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