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Raw Regular Rolls (8pcs)

Spicy Tuna Roll $8.5

(Minced tuna mixed with spices, cucumbers, & radish sprouts.)

Spicy Scallops Roll $10.5

(Scallops mixed w/ massago and imitation crab, avocado, & cucumbers.)

Spicy Yellowtail Roll $9.5

(Minced yellowtail mixed with spices, green onions, & cucumbers.)

Tuna Roll $9.5

(Tuna, avocado, & cucumbers.)

Albacore Roll $9.5

(Seared albacore, avocado, cucumbers,  ponzu sauce, & green onions.)

Philly Roll $9.5

(Fresh Salmon, cream cheese, avocado & cucumbers.)


Escolar Roll $9.5

(Escolar, avocados, cucumbers, green onions, & ponzu sauce.)


Salmon Roll $8.5

(Fresh Salmon, avocado, & cucumbers.)


Cooked Regular Rolls (8pcs)

California Roll $7.5

(Imitation crab. Avocados, & cucumbers.)

Crunchy Cali Roll $8.5

(California roll with tempura crunchies, spicy mayo, & eel sauce)

Baked Cali Roll $12.5

(Imitation crab, avocados, spicy mayo, whole roll baked in over, &eel sauce)

Octopus Roll $9.5

(Smoked octopus, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers)

Spider Roll $11.5 (5pcs)

(Tempura soft shell crab, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers, & spicy mayo)

Fried Calamari Roll $10.5

(Panko fried calamari, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers, & spicy mayo)

Salmon Skin Roll $10.5

(Crispy fried salmon skin, cucumbers, gobo, bonito shavings, daikon sprouts, & spicy mayo)


Eel Roll $9.5

(Broiled fresh water eel, avocados, cucumbers, & eel sauce)

Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.5

(Tempura shrimp, imitation crab, avocados, cucumbers, & spicy mayo)


Crunchy Roll $12.5

(Fried Shrimp, avocados. Imitation crab, cucumbers, cream cheese, tempura crunchies, spicy mayo & eel sauce)

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