Yakisoba & Fried Rice

Vegetables $8.5

Chicken $9.5

Beef $10.5

Shrimp $11.5​

Mixed $11.5

(Chicken, Beef, & Shrimp)

Seafood $11.5

(Shrimp, Imitation Crab, & Fish Cake)

Meat Plate

(Served with steamed rice, 2 pcs Gyoza,, and house salad)

Your choice of: (2 pcs Fried calamari/ 2 Eggrolls/ 4pcs Cali roll)

Add Miso Soup for only  $1!


Stir-fried Chicken $10.5

Teriyaki/Ginger/Lemon Garlic/Kung Pao*


Stir-fried Beef or Shrimp or Salmon $11.5

Teriyaki/Ginger/Lemon Garlic/Kung Pao*

Grilled Beef Teriyaki $11.5


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Plate $10.5


Chicken Katsu $10.5


Shrimp Tempura Plate $11.5


(Serves with miso soup.)


Chicken or Beef Teriyaki Bowl $9.5/$10.5

(Meat over rice.)


Chicken Katsu Curry $10.5

(Breaded fried chicken w/ Japanese Curry, & rice) (Beef base)


Chicken Katsu-Don $10.5

(Breaded fried Chicken, Egg, onions, & sauce, over rice)


Unagi-Don $14.5

(Broiled Eel over rice, vegies, & Seaweed strips.)

Udon Noodle Soup


Seafood Udon $10.5

(Shrimp, Fish Cake, Veggies, & Shrimp Shumai.)

Tempura Udon $10.5

(3 pcs Veg. Tempura, 2 pcs Shrimp Tempura, & fish cake.)



Miso Tofu Udon $9.5

(Tofu, seaweed, veggies, in miso flavored broth.)


Chicken Katsu Curry Udon $10.5

(Fried breaded chicken on side, with hearty curry flavored broth.) (Beef based curry.)





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