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Obi means the Japanese waistband in a Kimono. When it comes to Obi, people think of the traditional Japanese costumes. Since ancient times, dress and cuisine are two elements that go hand in hand, we choose Obi as the brand for sushi restaurant, because we want our customers to when enjoy sushi they will think of Obi, an icon of Japan’s culture.

Obi's sushi was a precursor to a local Sushi restaurant that founded in 2000 and was renamed in 2015. Together with Master chefs, we have created many special dishes that are still traditional.

Coming to Obi's sushi, you will see a slogan BFF Dines here, it’s mean “Best Foodie Friends Dines Here” or sometimes our customers say BFF which means Best Friend Forever. A special feature of Obi's is that the traditional dishes are delicately and uniquely created, and the professional chefs of Obi's use fresh ingredients to create wonderful taste of sushi. With a passion to serve and dedicate, we prepare dishes for customers not from our hands but from our heart.

Come and enjoy food once at Obi's, you will recognize your forever best friend. With a cozy space for family, friends, partners, Obi's brings comfort and relaxation for you every time you visit.
Choose Obi's - We are here for you and your family.


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