Bento Boxes 

(Serves with miso soup.)


Bento A $12.5

(Chicken Teriyaki, fried seafood (tempura salmon, shrimp, imitation crab stick), Cali maki, gyoza, steamed rice, & house salad,)


Bento B $13.5

(Fried Seafood (tempura salmon, shrimp, imitation crab stick), gyoza, tekka maki, salmon sashimi, steamed rice, & house salad.)


Bento C $14.5

(Chicken Katsu Or Teriyaki, 4pcs California roll, 3 pcs nigiri, tuna sashimi, gyoza, steamed rice, & house salad.)


Kid’s Bento $9.5

(Kids 12 yrs and under only.)

(Chicken katsu Or Teriyaki, 4 pcs California, gyoza, & steamed rice)

Sushi Combinations

(Any substitution will result in additional charges)


Ninja Plate $16

Dragon Roll (4pcs)

Spicy Salmon Roll (4pcs)

Assorted Nigiri (4pcs)


Samurai Plate $18

Spicy Tuna Roll (4pcs)

Super cali Roll (4pcs)

Assorted Nigiri (4pcs)

Salmon Skin Hand Roll



Shogun Plate $28

Rainbow Roll (8pcs)

Assorted Nigiri (4pcs)

Assorted Sashimi (6pcs)


Catch of the Day $30

Chef’s Special Sashimi $MP

Assorted Sashimi (15 pcs)

House Salad or Miso Soup

Small Steamed Rice