Miso Soup  $2

Edamame $4


Garlic Edamame $5

Shrimp Shumai (6pcs) $6

Chicken Gyoza (6pcs) $6

Fried Oyster (5pcs) $8

Seaweed Cucumber Salad $6

Mix Tempura (4 veg & 2 shrimp) $8

Vegetables Tempura (5pcs) $6

Fried Calamari Steaks $7

Fried Tofu (4pcs) $5

Cream Cheese Wonton (6pcs) $6

Veggie Eggrolls (5pcs) $6

House Salad (ginger dressing) $3

Side Orders


Chicken Katsu $6

Small Steamed Rice $2

Large Steamed Rice $4

Chicken Teriyaki $7

Beef Teriyaki $8

Shrimp Tempura (5pcs) $7

Soft-Shell Crab (1pc) $8

House Starters


Dynamite Mussels $10.5

(Green shell mussels, scallops, avocados, crab, spicy mayo, baked, & eel sauce.)(4pcs)

Fire Crackers $7

(Spicy tuna, imitation crab, and cream cheese, stuffed in jalapeno & tempura fried)(4pcs)


Heart Attack $7

(Spicy tuna, imitation crab, and cream cheese, stuffed in mushroom & tempura fried)(4pcs)


½ Dz Ponzu Oysters $MP

(Fresh oysters, massago, house ponzu sauce, green onions, & siracha.)


Cherry Blossoms $8.5

(Tuna wrapped and topped with spicy scallops.)(2pcs)


Hamachi Kama $11.5

(Fried yellowtail fish collar, served with ponzu dipping sauce.)


Tuna Tataki $13.5

(6pcs Seared Cajun Tuna sashimi over mixed cucumber seaweed salad, massago, mixed greens, wasabi sauce, & eel sauce.)


Hamachi Jalapeno $12.5

(6pcs Hamachi sashimi drizzled with house ponzu sauce, Jalapeno, avocados, siracha  & cilantro.)


Scallop Carpaccio $13.5

(6pcs Sweet fresh sea scallops, house ponzu sauce, virgin olive oil, micro greens, roe, and siracha.)


Fresh Wasabi Tuna Poke $14.5

(Diced Tuna, mixed with fresh wasabi poke sauce,  massago, over cucumbers and mix greens.)


Sashimi Cucumber Salad $15.5

(Assorted fishes mixed with seaweed cucumbers, mixed greens in shichimi vinaigrette sauce & sesame oil)